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Learn more about what makes Trio special and meet the wonderful people working to build possibilities.

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Our Vision

Build stronger teams faster.

Trio empowers people and businesses to build stronger teams faster, so they can develop better software and more sustainable IT departments.

Our Approach

Don't just scale fast. Scale well.

Scaling quickly is simple: hire more developers. But you want to make sure that your developers don't just work for you. They work with you.

Our Engineers

Exceptional, dedicated, and friendly

Trio’s software developers are ready to join your team and get things done. They have exceptional technical skills, and they’re great communicators and collaborators. They work in U.S. time zones, and they’re all bilingual. Above all, Trio engineers are truly passionate about solving challenges.

Our engineers code with care.

Our Environment

Supportive, humane, and distinguished

We don’t just acquire talent, we also take care of our team members. We provide performance management, professional development, career planning, and personal well-being support.

We provide seminars, trainings, and hackathons, and our guest speakers are industry experts and thought leaders. Trio invests in your growth.

Our Results

Increased productivity and revenue

Ready to meet deadlines, every time? Working with Trio minimizes your risk of turnover and improves continuity for your project. Our engineers will stay on your project longer because they’re happy in the Trio environment.

Only through collaboration can we scale your company to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

Our Values


We are guided by an extreme dedication to quality. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our partners and the best environment for our team members.


Communication is vital to the performance of the team and the success of any project. The best teams are the ones that trust each other enough to share their ideas freely.


At Trio, we strive to honor the human side of software development and technology. We care about being compassionate and kind to our team members and partners.


Trust is built on integrity, and we take ownership of our work. We always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Your data is safe with us.


When you work as a team, you often have to overcome challenges in communication where not everything is clear. We all need to ask questions and help each other move forward.

Our Story

From the founder

As a young developer in Brazil, I wanted to work on meaningful projects that made a difference in the real world. When I came to the United States, I got to work at companies that were building really exciting things—projects with global impact. I wanted other developers to have the same opportunities.

We started Trio because we saw an opportunity where we could build possibilities and connect developers to companies making really interesting products. We train our developers in both technical skills and soft skills, creating an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Then we give them the chance to shape the world with their code.

Our Team

Daniel Alcanja


Alex Kugell


Rodrigo Alexandre

SEO Specialist

Luan Felipe

Art Director

Maitê Passos

Employer Branding Specialist

Camila Rodrigues

Talent Acquisition Manager

Cordenne Brewster

Content Creator

Gabriel Avila

Technical Lead

Julieta Barletti

Technical Recruiter

Kevin Flynn

Media Consultant

Lucía Crespi

Talent Sourcer

Samuel Oliveira

Engineering Manager

Stella Pereira

Video Editor

Dhyego Calota

Lead Software Engineer

Pablo Silva

UI/UX Designer

Josefina Molina

Talent Sourcer

Bianca Silva

Talent Sourcer

Luke Boaro

Graphic Designer

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