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Staff Augmentation

Hire exceptional, passionate engineers

Hiring a remote developer can be an expensive headache. The search process is long, the risk is too high to be comfortable, and the costs pile up fast.

Trio’s placement process is quick. Our friendly engineers are already vetted and trained. And our service is cost-effective. We’ll save you time, energy, and money.



by the world's top brands

Trusted by the world's top brands

We revamp the engineering teams of amazing companies and help them build robust software products.

Trusted by AQHA Trusted by Everyday Speech Trusted by Optel Trusted by airbnb Trusted by UBERDOC Trusted by VENNGAGE Trusted by HubSpot Trusted by Amount Trusted by tally Trusted by Profitero Trusted by Stacked Trusted by Panasonic

The Trio process = better scaling

Trio rolls together four fundamental aspects of growing your IT team

Talent acquisition

We source and allocate skilled engineers so that they’re ready to start quickly.


Our developers seamlessly integrate into your IT team.


We handle payroll, benefits, compliance, people experience, and onboarding.

Professional development

We provide ongoing support to our developers to keep their skills sharp.

Talent acquisition

We source and allocate skilled engineers so that they’re ready to start quickly.


Our developers seamlessly integrate into your IT team.


We handle payroll, benefits, compliance, people experience, and onboarding.

Professional development

We provide ongoing support to our developers to keep their skills sharp.

To put it simply, we take the pressure off HR while adding resources to IT. Scaling made simple.

That leaves you free to focus on developing incredible software.

See how we compare

Criteria Employment Hiring Agencies
Start Project 1-2 Weeks 1-4 Months 1-3 Months
Recruiting Fee $0 $10-40K $0
Guaranteed Quality
Failure Rate Very Low Low Very High
Termination Costs Low Very High Medium

Trio engineers seamlessly integrate into your team

Our engineers are clear communicators and strong collaborators.

They’re also friendly and easy to get along with, and they’ll fit right into your team in no time.

Since we help with onboarding, the transition is smooth and simple.

6 reasons to hire Trio developers


with built-in HR support for hassle-free hiring.

Dynamic skill

towards seamless collaboration.


that works in U.S time zones.

Vetted skills &

so you always get quality results.


of experiencing technical debt and turnover.


to manage team health over the long term.


Trio developers are skilled and inspired

Here’s what our developers bring to the table

  • At least 4 years of experience in software development
  • Strong English skills (native or bilingual)
  • A friendly nature
  • A powerful work ethic
  • Dedication to professionalism and excellence
  • Enthusiasm for the job

Here’s what we provide to our developers

  • Training and professional development
  • Guest speakers (industry experts and thought leaders)
  • Career development and planning
  • Performance management
  • Social opportunities
  • Encouragement and personal well-being support
  • Weekly check-ins

Our software developers feel supported, appreciated, and empowered to build software at the highest level. They’ll stay with you longer because they’re happy.

Companies trust Trio’s expert developers

We exist to give people and businesses possibilities through technology.

Watch our testimonials to explore the possibilities.


Learn how Uberdoc leveraged Trio engineers to prioritize development.

Brianna Socci
Co-Founder & CPO


Find out how Everyday Speech augmented their teams to better meet deadlines using Trio.

Cal Brunell


Cosmos found it easier to have quality talent allocated to them through Trio.

Mark Kimmerman


Visual Boston worked with Trio to build their team and provide greater value to their customers.

Alex Harrison


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HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Why Hire Trio Developers?

At Trio, we only recruit those who show amazing potential or demonstrate exceptional skill. We then take their talents and sharpen them even further. True software professionals, our engineers are capable of adapting to situations both within and outside the scope of their general expertise.

When you hire a Trio developer, you won’t incur the costs of hiring. Those costs can add up to be around 30% of a developer’s salary! You also won’t pay the ongoing overhead costs associated with full-time employment.

By working with Trio, you can acquire a highly experienced, full-time developer for a fraction of the cost, complete with project management assistance.

How much do developers cost in the U.S.?

The average salary for a Senior Developer in the United States is $119,651 per year, according to data.

Here’s a chart that visualizes the salary ranges within the United States for a senior software developer.

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Freelance developers vs. Trio developers

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Employed developers vs. Trio developers

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Why hire remote developers?

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